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Should I Get Vaccinated for COVID-19?

New, Compelling Evidence Should Help You Answer, "Yes."

We watch closely for scientific reports related to COVID-19 and vaccination. Two items caught our attention this week. The first is data from CDC showing that between January 30 and August 28 of this year, unvaccinated adults, aged 18 years and older were hospitalized at a rate that was about 12 times higher than vaccinated persons. Unvaccinated adults, 18 to 49 years old were hospitalized at a rate 14 times higher than vaccinated persons.

The data was collected from over 250 acute-care hospitals in 14 states. In light of the surge in infections we experienced this past summer, that’s pretty convincing evidence that COVID-19 vaccines continue to provide robust protection against serious disease and hospitalization.

Hospitalizations by Vaccination Status

The second news item is a study published in The Lancet on October 4. The study demonstrates the continuing effectiveness of the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccine at preventing infection. As reported in the media, effectiveness at preventing infection wanes over time. However, the vaccine’s effectiveness at preventing serious disease and hospitalization remains high and booster shots restore the vaccine's effectiveness. Moreover, booster shots are now available to many people, including commercial fishermen. CDC guidelines prioritize food and agricultural workers, among others.

Should you get vaccinated for COVID-19? If you want your fishing career to be uninterrupted by a potentially serious disease, the answer is “yes”. If you want to avoid the risk of ruinous medical bills, the answer is still “yes”. If you want avoid potential long-term health problems, the answer is definitely “yes”. Use the Vaccine Finder, get the shot, and Catch Fish. Not COVID.

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