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Keep Your Boat Out of the Omicron Wave

The United States appears to be close to reaching the peak of Omicron’s massive wave. This is welcome news … with some sobering facts:

On a commercial fishing boat in which your health and physical wellbeing IS the business,

the numbers are alarming:

o 15 million cases of COVID-19 reported worldwide

o 801,903 cases per day in the United States

o 98% increase in the past two weeks

A commercial fisherman has a lot of risks to consider when planning for a successful

season ahead. Hospitalization due to Omicron for the captain or crew is among these

significant risks to consider when strategizing:

o A few major commercial fishing states are experiencing the highest growth rates,

Alaska (+610%), Texas (+428%), and Oregon (+402%)

o 31 states are reporting higher hospitalization rates than last winter

o In the United States, hospitalizations have increased 61% in the past two weeks

Good news…The majority of projected hospitalizations and deaths are preventable with vaccination. In New York, vaccinated individuals barely show up in the data of hospitalizations and deaths:

Even if we are at the peak of the Omicron wave (knock on wood), that means we still have the other half to get through. Use our link to find a place to get vaccinated. CATCH FISH. NOT COVID.

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