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Keep Healthy & Fishing this Fall & Winter

Winter Crab Fishing on the Bering Sea
Will you be healthy and ready to fish this fall and winter?

Autumn brings the year's fishing activities to a close for many fishermen, but for others it's just starting or continuing unabated. Many regions of the U.S. are struggling with soaring COVID-19 case rates. If you will be fishing this autumn or winter, it's reasonable to to be concerned about you and your crewmates staying healthy and working, There could be a significant disruption to fishing operations, if crew members must quarantine or fall ill due to COVID.

If a crewmember becomes sick, with a mild case, they can expect to recover within about two weeks. More severe cases can take six weeks or longer to recover. However, about 1 in 4 cases result in long term conditions that can affect one's ability to work, regardless of how the severe the case might be. Finding and keeping good crew is hard enough, so who needs that kind of risk and uncertainty?

Of course, you can reduce that risk when you get vaccinated against COVID-19. When a you are fully vaccinated, you will be 5x less likely to become infected and if you aren't infected, you won't be spreading the virus to your crewmates. If you do become infected, you will be 10x less likely to develop serious illness and being hospitalized. You will also be 10x less likely to die from COVID-19.

Why take risks with your fishing season or your health? Vaccines are safe and effective at preventing infection and serious disease from COVID-19. Use our Vaccine Finder to locate a place where you and the rest of the crew can get vaccinated. It will be one less thing to worry about, so that you can concentrate on catching fish.

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