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How Vaccines Protect Your Fishing Business from COVID-19

Commercial shrimp trawlers tied to the dock.
COVID-19 Can Keep Your Boat Tied to the Dock!

Here at Catch Fish. Not COVID. we're all about helping you protect your fishing business from interruptions or worse, due to COVID-19. To date, COVID-19 vaccines are the single best method of ensuring that you and crewmates stay healthy and able to fish.

There is no shortage of scientific evidence demonstrating that. However, interpreting that evidence is often challenging. That's why it's such a pleasure to read today's dispatch from the online newsletter, Your Local Epidemiologist. In the article, university professor and professional epidemiologist, Katelyn Jetelina, explains how vaccinations for COVID-19 protect you, your crewmates, and your health.

COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns Answered

In How vaccines reduce transmission, Jetelina explains in everyday language how,

  • COVID-19 vaccinations prevent initial infections by 50% to 75%;

  • Reduce transmission of the virus from breakthrough cases;

  • Boosters decease community transmission by 21-66%.

She goes onto explain why vaccine-induced immunity is superior to infection-induced immunity, citing re-infection rates 2.5 to 5 times higher for the unvaccinated vs. vaccinated populations.

We have said before and we'll keep saying it. When you fish for a living, you are the business. Whether you're the skipper, the deck boss, or the newest greenhorn, if you aren't healthy and fishing, you're out of business. So, grab a cup of coffee and read the full newsletter article. It's not long. Check out our other blog posts on the potential impacts of COVID-19 on your fishing career. Then use the Vaccine Finder to find vaccinations near you, so that you can keep healthy, keep fishing, and keep earning.

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